Privacy Policy
Viatges Bussney use personal data of customers rating, so it is subject to the data protection regulations.

Viatges Bussney has always had internal rules of confidentiality. In order to comply with these regulations for data protection/privacy, Bussney has established this Privacy Policy/privacy. This policy is global and unique, and takes into account any national laws of the various countries.

Stored information
The personal data we store every traveler may include: name, sex, date of birth, address and telephone numbers, email address, credit card number, travel destinations, travel planning, travel preferences (seat , meals, smoking, etc. ..), passport and visa information and other similar information. When Viatges Bussney offers its services to a corporate or private client, creates a “Traveler Profile” message that includes personal details of every traveler which are stored in a computer database as a reference document for consultation whenever you make a new booking. When a reservation is made, Viatges Bussney creates a “Passenger Name Record” (PNR) containing all personal data necessary to complete the application for each passenger trip (booking information) and also to satisfy the regulatory requirements for travel to certain destinations, such as the “Secure Flight Passenger Data” (SFPD) program in the U.S. or “Advanced Passenger Information System” (APIS) in force in several countries such as the UK and China, among others, along with information from the booking itself.

What we do with the personal data
Besides creating Traveler Profiles and PNRs, Viatges Bussney uses the personal data (usually PNR) commuter on the next trip and for other purposes related to the trip . Reservations: For reservations Viatges Bussney need to transfer personal data to various external travel providers, computer reservations systems in the country of origin or any other country to which the traveler could travel frequently and government agencies in the case of certain destinations (DHS in the U.S.). Without this information it is not possible to travel.

Data Consolidation travel: a request (the paying travel) Viatges Bussney can produce reports that summarize and discuss travel costs by destination, travel provider, etc. . . These reports may include certain Traveler Profile extracted from personal data.

Transfers to third parties at the request of the Corporate Client: Viatges Bussney may also transfer personal data to third parties on request, for example, for data consolidation or for service monitoring emergency rating. These transmissions may involve the transfer of personal data to other countries.

Compliance with Travel Policy: also on request, Viatges Bussney can report compliance by commuter travel policy of the corporate client and point out any lack of payment.

Recepción deals: Viatges Busney can transfer personal data third in the country of origin of the passenger or in any other country so that they can receive payments related to travel reservations.

Databases: Electronic travel Profiles managed by Viatges Bussney are stored in a central database. However, some of our customers have opted for online booking tool of your choice, you can also store information about the traveler profile. In the latter case, the information is stored by a third party selected and Viatges Bussney may only receive a copy.

New products and services: in order to improve service, and, based on the information previously provided to Viatges Bussney, it could send additional traveler information provided it was well related to travel, or, in advance, in anticipation of future tours. How the traveler’s consent is obtained?

The usual procedures Viatges Bussney require the client to act as responsible for personal data. In this case, the corporate client manages the process of obtaining the consent of the traveler. Viatges Bussney acts exclusively as data manager following the relevant instructions for your corporate client.

However, in exceptional circumstances Viatges Bussney can act as responsible for personal data, so Viatges Bussney collects the consent of each of travelers through a Single Statement Privacy Policy. 

Income Protection Personal Data: for cases where Viatges Bussney acts as responsible for this data, the company has created an Individual Privacy Statement in order to ensure that they have the consent of use personal data. The Individual Income Protection Personal Data appears when the traveler fills your Traveler Profile electronically. The traveler can not accept or Individual Income Protection of Personal Data .

Transfer to Third Party prior to the transfer to third parties (Except travel suppliers such as airlines, computer reservation systems , hotel or government agencies, etc.) to sign a data transfer agreement with Viatges Bussney required, in which they are asked to respect data protection rules apply. It may be an exception in the case of personal data have been obtained in the European Union (hereinafter EU) where the third party is located in another EU country or a country whose legislation on data protection has been recognized by the EU. This ensures that even when legislation requiring third is weaker than domestic Viatges Bussney standards , the level of data protection of the traveler is always the same.

Security: In compliance with the various laws of Data Protection Viatges Bussney has adopted and implemented the technical and organizational measures to protect personal information obtained from travelers our corporate or private customers against accidental or unlawful publication or destruction.

Destruction: many laws on data protection require the destruction of personal data after a period of time. Viatges Bussney retains data only travel during the period allowed by law, a period that can vary according to requirements of various departments of Viatges Bussney. These requirements are related to legislation on financial information or applications on previous trips by customers.

Exceptional situations: however, there are certain situations where it is impossible to follow the routine procedure, as in the case of group travel, boats and other crews. In these cases, a third party and not the traveler , who facilitates travel information (including personal data) . When the corporate client to provide personal data Viatges Bussney a traveler, it is the client who must ensure that you have permission to disclose such data without Viatges Bussney have to take further action under the law of privacy/data protection. In these cases, Viatges Bussney can obtain, use and disclose this information for the purposes described above. For example, the corporate client must take reasonable steps to ensure that the passenger in question is familiar with the various items in our Privacy Policy/Data Protection, since these points are related to the traveler. Thus, the client must inform the traveler of our identity, how to contact Viatges Bussney, the aim of obtaining the information, the disclosure practices of Viatges Bussney the right commuter access data and consequences may arise from their refusal to provide such information .

Rights of Travelers

Overall, the main passenger rights are:

• Rights of access and correction.
• To receive, within a reasonable time , a copy of your traveler profile after written request to Viatges Bussney (you need to contact third parties if they are the custodians of information) , and/or modify your personal data are processed to know how their data, who processes them and for what purpose.
• Rights of opposition , cancellation and / or revoke your consent by refusing to provide personal data.
• In addition, travelers can choose whether or not to receive unsolicited services/direct marketing/information about other products and other travel services.


Which ones are covered by the Privacy Policy/Privacy Policy Viatges Bussney?
Personal data is any data relating to a living person that enable measuring understood. If the data do not refer to any traveler or not identify you, may be processed by Viatges Bussney without the consent of the respective traveler. For example, if management reports do not include references to individuals, Viatges Bussney should not obtain the consent of the traveler to transmit such information to the corporate client.

Why not just the partnership established between Viatges Bussney and corporate customer to protect personal data traveler?
This agreement was formalized between the corporate client and Viatges Bussney, and in any case, between Viatges Bussney and traveler. The laws on data protection protect the right of travelers. When processing data traveler, Viatges Bussney is obliged to comply with these laws and can not derive such responsibility to the corporate client.

What happens if Viatges Bussney or corporate client does not obtain the consent of the traveler?
In reality it would be very difficult or even impossible in some countries, Viatges Bussney could offer travel services to the traveler who refuses to allow their travel data is processed. The legislation contains various data protection severe penalties for noncompliance.

Which ones are the obligations of Viatges Bussney when processing data? Viatges Bussney should at least guarantee that personal data:
• processed legitimately and legally,
• are obtained only for specified and legitimate purposes and not processed in any other way that is not compatible with these purposes
• are not excessive (in the type of data requested) for the purposes for which collected and processed.
• are accurate,
• stored safely and retain the necessary period not elapsed.

Viatges Bussney Can you use the data for their own analysis ?

Viatges Bussney data can not be used for promotional or marketing purposes to third parties unless the traveler ‘s agreement. However, Viatges Bussney can, for example, use the data to analyze the travel trends of their corporate clients and/or individuals in order to propose other services to such customers themselves .

Use Policies

1 – Databases. Viatges Bussney is committed to protecting the privacy of online users and their personal data. Also do not use the web to seek information from the children, nor conduct commercial operations to persons under 18 years.

Any personal information by the user in response to a request for information through the web communicated will be protected by Viatges Bussney.
This information is required to respond to requests from users to understand their needs and to inform them about our products and services through a variety of media. This information is for the exclusive use of Viatges Bussney and will not be sold to third parties. Following his request for information users may receive commercial offers or information Viatges Bussney. As for the emails, the user may at any time ask to be removed from our mailing list using the request to unsubscribe from it.
The user reserves the right to access, modify, correct or delete any personal information at any time. You can exercise this right by sending an email to provided it can prove its correct identity.

Two. No warranty for the user with respect to:

1. Faults, errors and failures that may affect navigation or the implementation of the proposed functionality anywhere.

Two. The possibility of correcting anomalies , errors or failures .

Three. The presence of faults or interruptions to the web .

April. The compatibility of the site with materials or specific configurations.

Viatges Bussney not be liable, in any case, due to software faults of others, whether they are provided via the website.
Viatges Bussney not be liable for any direct, indirect or immaterial , foreseeable or unforeseeable harm (including loss of profits or opportunities) related to the provision, use and/or non- partial/full use of the functionalities of the web, including liability associated with viruses that may infect a user’s computer.
The user acknowledges that takes into account the characteristics and limitations of the Internet, and in particular its technical performance, response time for consultation, transfer of data and the risks associated with online security.
Three third-Hyperlinks. The user can access third party websites through hypertext links included in the website. Viatges Bussney not responsible for the information posted on the websites of third parties. Viatges Bussney not allow links to your website without the prior written consent.

Intellectual property and copyright. The website , its contents and all components are original works for Viatges Bussney and all intellectual property rights trading rights, copyright, database rights , trademark rights and related rights are reserved and/or to the designs. The web and its software, databases, text, information, analysis, pictures, graphics, logos, sounds and other content on the website are exclusive property of Viatges Bussney.

The user is not exclusive, non-transferable right to use the web and its private context information in a license is granted. This right is the right to consult online data and information contained in the web as well as the right to reproduce, print, save, and view data. This right of use applies only for strictly personal. Any other use of the website, in particular for commercial purposes is prohibited. You may not, for other than personal use, reproduce, display, sell, distribute, transmit, translate, adapt, distribute or communicate in whole or in part in any form of the elements of the website or its information. In addition, the user can not enter any information which may modify or damage the contents of the website or its overall presentation.

May. Responsibility. Viatges Bussney offers no express or implied warranties and assumes no responsibility for the use of the information. The photographs and documents illustrating this site are not contractual and Viatges Bussney not responsible for them. The user agrees not to transmit information to the web that might give rise to civil or criminal liability and undertakes not to disclose the same through any information that is unlawful, defamatory or public order.

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