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Since 2012, VIATGES BUSSNEY, an agency specialized in business travel for companies, creates and manages tailored trips for companies, adapted to the client’s demand. As an added value we also make holiday trips and great trips.

We are backed by our experience and great partnerships in the sector, together with a team of great professionals. All this enables us to offer advantages in cost savings for companies, maximum efficiency and seriousness, both in management and in the service.

We like to pay attention to detail, make tailor-made trips for each client and offer reliability so that our customers get the most satisfaction.


Thanks in advance.


Each company an agent

Personalized and affable attention

24h emergency service

In any country

Excellent negotiated rates

Flights, hotels, cars

Service philosophy

Quality and personalized attention is our professional brand. Your satisfaction, our commitment.

Effective tools

We have the best tools to ensure the quality of services and adequately meet the demand of our customers.

Expert agents

Our agents are specialized in different fields. Business travel, holiday, air transport, cruises, etc.

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